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National Pet Day

It’s National Pet Day


National Pet day is a day to remember animals who need extra attention and adoption.


When we are kids, our pets teach us a lot about life and the world around us. Our pets can

  • be our best friend and secret keeper
  • teach us social skills
  • teach the importance of grooming
  • help us learn to care about others
  • instill loyalty
  • increase our self esteem
  • aid in emotional development
  • make us exercise more
  • teach us about adoption
  • teach us about responsibility and discipline
  • instill respect for life
  • be our first experience with death and grieving.


I grew up in a Navy Family. We were always moving. Our dogs were probably the most important things in our lives. My sister and I initially shared a family dog. Then around the time I was in 8th grade and my sister was in 11th grade, we finally each had our own dog. We often had fish as well.

As a parent, my children have raised: cats, dogs, rabbits, fish, newts, hamsters, rats, etc. It is really important for them to have something that depends on them.


With it being National Pet day, let’s make a goal to help an animal today. You can donate time, money, items to a shelter or rescue. You can spay or neuter an animal. You can adopt an animal.

What are you going to do today for an animal? Comment below.    01A624C9-995D-4D9F-849A-0565186E0DB6

Photographed Top to Bottom: Sophia (Shih Tzu), Charlie (Bichon Frise), Lilly, Lucky Louie, Charlie and TuTu