Sweepstakes and Contests Directory

To answer a few questions:

I get things in the mail almost every day. If I don’t get something I almost wonder what is wrong.

I do NOT enter EVERY sweep I see. I look at the prizes and determine if any of them are something myself or a family member would enjoy.

I probably sweep more then I should, but it is my form of entertainment. I am not big on going to the mall. When I am watching tv my adhd kicks in and I can’t just watch tv, so I sweep while hubby and I watch tv.

Any contest I do will be posted at a minimum fo on one of my social media accounts.

I go to the following sites to find things I want to win:


Hypersweep – Thousands of sweepstakes and contests!


Lucky Contests

Sweepstakes at Sweepstakes-Search.com



Facebook Sweepstakes Helper’s

Facebook Winner Announcements


Reddit Giveaways

Reddit Sweepstake

Good Reads

Shop Your Way

Online Sweepstakes

Coupon Clipinista

Sweeps Advantage

Sweeties Sweeps


I am sure there are other directories of sweeps, giveaways, contests, and freebies. These are just my personal go to’s.

Now I just have to hope you don’t win what I am trying for. =)

dedicated to the 7 year old in all of us

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