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As technology has changed, so have our lifestyles. There was a time when it was normal to get outside and get moving. These days, we often see it as a chore that we don’t want to do. It doesn’t have to be!


Last week I mentioned it was going to be National Park Week and all the US National Parks were offering free admission.

For me there is something rejuvenating about getting out in the mountains, in the trees, where there is rushing water.


Yesterday, my husband and I got out in nature and exercised.   We hiked to Bridalveil Fall. We also hiked the Glacier Point Trail. While these were a workout, it was stunning.



My fitbit shows having done the equivalent of 18 flights of stairs. The funny thing is, it didn’t feel like it. It was a peaceful relaxing day.


Getting outdoors and moving is so very important. We were exposed to the sun, giving us Vitamin D. We got our hearts pumping.


Seven year old me, never had to be told to go outside and play. I just did it instinctively. Yesterday, was a joy! I was motivated to move more then normal and mother nature rewarded me for it.

When was the last time you went hiking?

dedicated to the 7 year old in all of us

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