This was my second year to participate in GISH. (greatest international scavenger hunt).

GISH started as a publicity stunt  by Misha Collins for the show Supernatural in 2011. It has evolved into an annual charity event. The registration goes to Random Acts Org. Each year a charity is selected to benefit from the event. They also do crowd fundraising in some of the tasks.

I have never watched Supernatural. I actually found out about GISHWHES via social media last year.

Last year I was on a celebrity team with Osric Chau as our team captain. It was a fun experience. It was a creative outlet. I learned a lot about collaboration and how much you can do in just one week.

This year it didn’t look like I could participate, but someone gave me a gish scholarship!!! That being said, I managed to participate and spend less then $10 this year.

I was on a random team this year. My goal was to be on a team that was Global. Gishfinity War fit the bill!

This years list started with 198 items. Misha adds items as the week goes on. We ended with 215 items at the close of the hunt.

I have learned that you can never anticipate what will be on the list, it helps to have contacts around the globe, there will be art, produce, science, puzzles, computer tasks, location specific tasks, environmental  tasks, political tasks, female products, and so much more. There is literally something everyone can help with in some way. When the list drops you are overwhelmed. Misha drops new items and you say DAMMIT MISHA! and in the end you have a lot of fun.

I had a blast! You can peak below for the highlights of 2018 Team Gishfinity War!

Earn a gold medal in the Belly flop Olympics. You must have judges and large score cards present.

The thesaurus is a type of dinosaur, and we don’t want to hear any so-called “evidence” to the contrary. Dig one up and prove us right.

It’s time for GISH Global Secret Santa. Create a list of 10 things you wish you had that would make your life (or the life of someone you love) easier. Make sure you have some inexpensive things in there. Post this list in the “FAVORITE QUOTE” section of your profile on the GISH app. Then, click around app users near you to look for their wishlists. Try to find one that has an item that you have (or that you can acquire) and give it to them to make their life easier. Contact that gisher and tell them you want to gift them one of their items. Post an image of the gisher with the item you gave them before the end of the hunt (with a sign that has their username). Not on the GISH app? Get it at or do this one on social media instead, tagged #GISHSecretSanta.

Let’s see you in a situation that we have seen in a cartoon. Freeze frame the cartoon image next to your photo.

Use the GISH APP (Get it here!) for this item if possible. Starting on Tuesday morning at 9AM PDT change your avatar to your favorite painting by Cezanne, Monet or Van Gogh. Find someone on the planet (who is not on your team) who has uploaded the exact same painting. Don’t change your painting once you’ve picked it or plan out your painting in advance with other gishers. That’s not the point of this Item. Screenshot your profile page (and have them do the same) and then submit them side by side. Your team must have at least 6 individuals with matching paintings. (Not on the GISH App? Take on this Item on social media tagged #GISHWorkOfArt.)

Beard garden.

Love is in the air. Literally.

You’ve heard of finger painting, but nose painting is the latest rage in the art world. Using non-toxic paints, “nose-paint” a lovely realistic (not abstract!) painting on a large piece of paper or canvas. Submit a photo of the finished product next to your unwashed face. Bonus points if it’s a plein air painting you make in a busy public location.

It’s Home Improvement time! Why are toilets always white? Beautify a toilet with mosaic tile (either with broken tiles or tiny tiles) to give it some vitality and warmth.

You’re late for your portrait sitting for that world-famous painting… at least 200 years late, to be exact. Get dressed up in garb that is compatible with the other characters (or setting) in a painting from the 1800s or earlier and photoshop yourself into the composition. Double bonus points if you actually go to a museum and use forced-perspective & costuming cleverness to make it appear that you were always a part of the painting (frame and all).

Create a stunning wind chime using unique household items. – Hannah T.

Create at least one MISSING flyer for a “LOST TRAIN OF THOUGHT” with at least 15 tear-off tabs at the bottom; on each tab should be your team name and a single, repeated word— it can be a verb, noun, conjunction— you get the idea. Post the location of your flyer(s) on the GISH app AND social media tagged #LostTrainOfThought, then search for other teams’ flyers and collect at least 3 tear-off tabs from 3 different flyers (don’t take more than one tab off any flyer you find and don’t tear a tab of your team’s flyer). Arrange the pieces you’ve collected into a short statement or short collaborative poem, which you should submit as an image. The more unique tabs you collect from different flyers, the higher the points you’ll receive.

As appreciation for their selfless community contribution of carting/ferrying/driving passengers around safely, gift a public transportation driver with a stunning, intricate twig and floral crown. Pose next to them (in your matching crown) while they wear it.

Wearing a melon on your melon is the cool new fashion trend. At a Farmers Market, sport the most intricate “Melon Hat” the world has ever seen.

It’s time for the Toothpick Stick Figure Olympics! Showcase toothpick stick figures engaging in Olympic sports as the judges look on (archery, basketball, skiing, fencing, figure skating, etc.).

Connect with at least 6 people from opposing teams in your area to create a human rainbow in a public space. Each team’s representative(s) must be entirely clad in a different color, (one team should be red, one orange, yellow, green, blue, purple). All participating teams get the points. Somewhere in the picture, include a sign with a message of love, unity, and support for the LGBTQIA members of our community. Accompanying text must list usernames of all participants. Post your rainbow moment on social media using: #GISHumanity

Make a portrait of an actor, politician, or public figure that inspires you most out of flower petals. Then, tweet a picture or post an Instagram picture of your portrait to them with the hashtag #GISHspired.

Helicopter parents.

Using only skittles soaked in water for paint, create a portrait of Jensen Ackles on watercolor paper.

Your personal Manifestoast. Post your mission statement or motto of least 3 words, clearly readable and charred into the surface of a piece of bread.

Create a handmade replica of a widely-known website homepage in needlepoint.

Hemingway was (falsely) credited with writing a six-word “novel.” Of course that’s obscenely ambitious and can’t be done. Let’s tackle something more manageable. Write a rhyming, metered poem that captures all of the pivotal moments in human history starting with the invention of stone tools leading to the invention of the smartphone. Finished poem must be between 50 and 100 words.

It’s Friday night… time to get sloshed! Wear your finest basic black scuba gear to a dance club, rowdy bar or high-end black-tie social gathering.

Japanese traditional aesthetics, the term wabi-sabi is a world view centered on the acceptance of transience and imperfection and is sometimes described as one of beauty that is “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete”. Each day of the Hunt week, collect small items that represent this notion to you and create a still life out of them to celebrate life’s so-called “flaws” and all.

Your GISH team looks great in that slotted mailbox, like at a post office, with each box open to display a team member crammed inside. We must see your faces!

There are some places it’s practically impossible to have a tea party; but you pulled it off.

They say people and their pets tend to start to look alike. Prove it. Cosplay as your pet. (It should be really hard to tell who’s who.) Post your image to social media tagged #GISHPetPals.

The 80s are making a comeback, so let’s get Physical! Go with a friend to a Crossfit gym to work out in full 1980s attire: the leotards, the leg warmers, the teased hair… Bonus points if you can get a bonafide 1980s rockstar to perform with you.

There’s something that happened in the past that haunts you. It’s time to light that sucker on fire and let it go. Write down your memory and wrap it in newspaper. Tape 20 matchsticks all around it and place it on a stack of wood. Light it and let it go in a fireplace, firepit or fire-safe area. Let’s see a picture of you and the burning item, or just the big burn. Caption your image however you wish.

Walk a dog at a local shelter. Take a picture of you and the dog in front of a sign in the shelter. Post it on social media and mention the shelter in your post with #adoptdontshop and #GISHRescue.

It was recently discovered that Jupiter has 12 new moons: 11 “normal” ones and one “oddball.” Create a persuasive video or image pitch to get @NASA to name the oddball “GISH” and convince theme to do it. Bonus points if your team is credited with successfully getting NASA to name the moon for you.

You know Winnie the Pooh. But have you met his cousin Vinnie da Pooh? Show us a page from the book about Poohbear’s mob-boss cousin.

You can use Photoshop for this one… At GISH, we’re all about unity and helping to bridge divides and make connections. In the spirit of this, create a creature out of divergent things: species that don’t get along, political leaders… you get the idea

Take a picture of yourself dressed as your state bird holding your state flower. (For example: in Michigan, dress as a Robin and get a picture next to an apple blossom.) If you live outside the US dress as your country’s bird with your country’s flower.

Create a Little Free Library or Little Free Pantry in your community. One catch: include a bookmark in every book explaining why you included it & something spoiler-free you love about that book, and each shelf-stable food item you stock in the pantry must include a note with a recipe and words of encouragement.

Remember your favorite childhood book? Get a copy, write a note on the inside cover explaining why you loved the book so much, and gift it to a child.

2017 gishwhes, Item 183 involved picking a point of interest and generating a QR Code labelled “taken by CFG.” It’s time to put it in action. This morning your team will be emailed a random secret code leading to a location somewhere in the world. Have one of your teammates or get someone else to visit the location and perform a random act of kindness there — what it is is up to you, based on the location. It could be cleaning up the area, doing something nice for a pedestrian nearby, planting a flower… you get the idea. Submit a picture of you holding up a sign in front of the location that says your team name, the act of kindness and “Captured by GISH.” If the act of kindness is too long to write on a sign, put it in the comment section when you upload your submission.

Our team got a location in Poland. We reached out to Gisher’s in Poland and found someone ready and willing to help us complete this task!

shinrin-yoku is the Japanese practice of “forest bathing.” Take a forest bath – literally – in the middle of a forest clearing in a tub that’s filled with pine needles and leaves.

We have recently seen the emergence of mega-farms, huge efforts that implement farming on an industrial scale. Let’s go the other way! Show us your version of a micro-garden. The tinier and more ornate, the better.

Create a “For Your Consideration” poster or ad pleading for Misha Collins to be honored by the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes or Tonys… with one caveat: the letter must not sing his praises in any way. Instead, it should implore the judges to take pity on him. For example, it could read something like this: “We know Misha’s not Oscar material, but the poor guy has been at it a while and he does genuinely seem to try occasionally…”

Out there somewhere, there’s a special child who is just about to give up on magic. Don’t let it happen! Find out something they secretly (or not-so-secretly) believe in and help bring it to life for them. Whether it’s a wizard, a pirate ship, a space adventure, a fairy princess, or more, help keep magic alive!

We rescued animals this year! To celebrate, brush your cat or dog, then use the fur you collect to create a portrait of your favorite actor. Take a picture of your pet with this new portrait and post on social media with the actor’s handle. Submit both the image and a link to your post.

As you know, the latest nail trend is the Jared Pedi-lecki: paint your big toe to look exactly like Jared Padalecki, complete with tufts of real hair. Or, if this seems vile to you, you may do this with any of the Supernatural cast or any prominent politician or musician.

A painting of Castiel alive in the time of dinosaurs. (You may do this with traditional media or digitally.)

Simone Giertz makes purposely useless things, which we here at GISH think is a pretty useful skill set, but we also think uselessness should be carbon neutral & sustainable. Make your own useless thing out of 100% repurposed or recycled materials & show its (dis)use.

The Flat Earth society says Australia doesn’t exist. Prove them right (or wrong.) Perform an experiment to prove your hypothesis! Bonus points if you can measure the diameter of the Earth to within 10% of its actual value. No fudging numbers – just like in school, you have to show how you arrived at your answer! – Bobak Ferdowsi, System Engineer, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Work with a child under 12 years-old to write notes of love and encouragement for motorists. Place them in official-looking envelopes marked “GISH Dept. of Parking Salutations” and put them on the windshields of cars together. Show us your little parking fairies at work or with one of their notes.

REDACTED by request

This year’s Grand GISH Gala is all about celebrating your shine and sparkle–sustainably. Let’s see your most beautiful homemade gown or tuxedo made completely from things taken from your recycling bin. Foil, tin cans, plastics, etc. Go for sparkle and shine, and show up on the red carpet of the gala.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

A moving soliloquy from Oedipus T-Rex.

Put giant googly eyes (must be over 3 feet in diameter) on an excavator or digger. Let’s see a video of it in action. – Stephanie P.

TIMELAPSE. Using ice cubes made opaque by adding milk and dyed with food coloring, create a large mosaic of Donald Trump’s face. Behind the cubes is a written message. When the ice melts, the message is revealed. (Start the video with the completed mosaic, not its construction.)

I’ve read the dictionary hundreds of times and frankly, it’s gotten predictable. It’s time for a sequel, and Gishers should write it! Coin a new word that is longer than 10 letters (the more the better!). The word must be lexically accurate – no-nonsense words or words that are really one long sentence all smashed together. You must be able to break your new word down into root words, and you must give the definition. Use it correctly in a sentence.

As all Gishers know, the form that acting took at the beginning of the 20th century was called the Delsarte style, a flamboyant exaggerated acting style (think of the fawning caricatures in silent movies). Take a scene from a contemporary film or tv show and re-enact it in the Delsartian style.

(Up to 15 seconds) GISH IS GREAT! It’s shiny! It’s NEW! It’s… really freaking hard to market, so we’re outsourcing it to you. Make a 1950s-style, 15 second commercial for gish with a snappy jingle that gets suck in your head & gets everyone you know to sign up in 2019.

Your mission: Deploy a Molotov cocktail of kindness (no fire allowed).

Extreme Crane Games, Part 2: Play a giant crane game using an actual crane, and some fanciful, out-of-place item. It could be a tree hoisted by a crane, or a playground structure, a giant (and we mean GIANT) teddy bear, etc…

Misha is always trying to prove that anything with raisins is much better! CLEARLY he’s wrong. Using raisins, show us what shouldn’t go together with raisins and then eat it. #RaisinChallenge – Putri N.

Serenade a total stranger with “You Are My Sunshine” at the center of the universe in Tulsa, OK.

(Up to 20 seconds). Get a group of friends together to do water ballet to a heavy metal song

redacted because

Show us what pets really do when they are alone

We just don’t see enough carolers in the summer. Where do they go? The beach, of course, just like everyone else! With at least 3 other gishers, go caroling on a crowded beach. Your attire and songs must be strongly winter and holiday themed.

(Up to 30 seconds). You and a friend must reenact your favorite avian mating ritual. Narration of the seductive scene should mimic David Attenborough. -Christine G.

A robot that applies lipstick to a person’s lips. The person must remain still while the robot moves, and the robot must be remote operated and be an actual robot, not someone’s arm dressed as a robot.


CLUE: E tu, Caesar? wpvq ecguct, ngvvweg tgpfgt. pqv ocpa rgqrng mpqy vjku, dwv tqockpg vqicu ygtg cnn vjg tcig kp ecguct’u fca. nwemkna, aqw lwuv hqwpf c rcig htqo cp cpekgpv tqocp hcujkqp ecvcnqi. oqfgn c tqockpg ngvvweg vqic.

Let’s see a close-up picture of your bowl of cereal (at that point when somehow you’ve managed to eat most of the floaty cereal and there’s only weird tasting milk left and a few odd shaped cereal pieces). But in this milky-sea, let’s see a scene from a hollywood movie: A tiny pirate ship battle ala Pirates of the Caribbean, a bloody shark attack from Jaws, or that scene in the Titanic where Jack decided there was no way for him to get up on the piece of plywood with Rose (even though there clearly was).

Today is Random Acts’ executive director Rachel Miner’s birthday! She’s one of the fiercest, kindest people I’ve ever known. I’m also pretty sure she’a a magical creature. Digitally create a portrait of Rachel as a fairy, mermaid, or other magical creature of your choosing.

Sure, birdhouses are great, but modern urban birds need more diversity in housing. Create a bird high rise apartment building, bird trailer park, or bird McMansion.

They say “don’t color on the walls.” We say, “Don’t tell us what to do!” Conspire with at least one child under the age of 10 to create a mural on a wall in your house. The child is 100% in charge of the design & execution.

Paint yourself so that your torso appears to be transparent but your legs and head are normal as you stand in front of a large printed advertisement. A billboard, or a storefront, or an advertisement at a bus stop, etc. It should look like we can see right through you.

A literal take on your favorite (super)hero. For example, a man ironing clothes captioned, “Iron Man” (though you can’t use that now).

Side-by-side portraits of you as you see yourself and you as the person who loves you best sees you (the second portrait must be made by your loved one, and afterward, you do this for them, too – though you don’t have to submit that).

dedicated to the 7 year old in all of us

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