Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go! errr in my case it is Pokemon STOP!

As much as I would like to say I was the bestest at Pokemon, I can’t! I am not biologically 7. Pokemon was popular when my daughter was 7. So while they were around my house via toys, cards, movies, books, gameboy cartridges, etc. I never understood them nor got into them.

I keep reading funny posts about people playing Pokemon. They found a way to get kids back outside. Unfortunately this is such a rare event that old people are yelling at kids,” GET OFF MY LAWN! OR I’M CALLING THE COPS! ” Kids are being carted back to their parents for being alone when they are 11 and 12 years old. I think it is a really sad statement about our society when a child playing outside means they are up to no good or they are in danger themselves.

I have yet to capture my starter Pokemon. Yes, laugh if you must. I was able to create my avatar and I can see her. I can walk along the maps and Pokemons appear. For the life of me, I can not figure out how to get the pokeball up to shoot at a pokemon. So there you have it I have ZERO pokemon captured.

The first time I tried to play, I could see pokemon’s but I didn’t have a way to capture them. No pokeball on my screen and swiping did nothing.

I decided to read a bunch of tutorials and watch some youtube videos. It did not seem to help.

pokemon go

The second time I played, I had a pokeball on my screen but never saw a single pokemon pop up. I had nothing to shoot at. Yes! I was walking. I walked a couple of blocks. I didn’t walk up and down the same block.


While you are all out there playing, let us not forget fountain girl and the lessons she taught us years ago.

dedicated to the 7 year old in all of us

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