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Angry Birds Movie


Angry Birds ! Did you play it?  Were you addicted? Did you pay out your hard earned cash to get to the next level? I can honestly say, I never played it.

While taking my granddaughter to the movies, she went crazy for the previews for Angry Birds.

Most dates with my grand daughter involve a trip to McDonalds. Every child who eats at McDonalds wants a toy. My grand daughter is no different. She had a hamburger patty, hash brown, chocolate milk, and a toy.

Angry Birds

The toy was fun. It was 5 pieces. A stand, a box, a pig, a bird, and a shooter. Once you set up the target, you attach the bird to your launcher. Point your bird towards the piggie and then push the button. The bird flies through the air and knocks the piggie down. This was actually a pretty fun toy.

Angry Birds

I went into the movie with mixed emotions. On one hand my grand daughter wanted to see it and some of the  clips looked cute. On the other hand I never got into the Angry Birds craze and the few reviews I read were not favorable. We watched it at Galaxy Luxury Theater in Riverbank. They have the awesome reclining chairs. I also had enough points built up to get a free popcorn.

Angry Birds

I actually enjoyed the part of the movie I saw. The movie starts with Red getting into trouble because of his anger. He gets sent to Anger management class.

The pigs show up and at first there are only 2, but then they begin multiplying. Red discovers there are millions and they are invading.

Red and his anger management friends begin a journey to find the Great Eagle of Knowledge.

And this is when the 5 year old decided the movie should be over. I was thinking maybe she didn’t like the movie, or it was too long for her, or the jokes were over her head or I dunno.


It turns out she LOVED the movie. She gives it a 5 star rating. So why did she want to leave?

Well priorities of course. She wanted to go to grandmas to play with Charlie.

Charlie (Bichon Frise)
Charlie (Bichon Frise)

As for myself, I am going to go out on a limb here and say I actually was enjoying the show. Sure, there were jokes that didn’t work like “something tells me these pigs aren’t Kosher” , but I went in with the mindset of a child and I was entertained.