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Build a Bear Workshop

Build A Bear Workshop

A few weeks back I mentioned there would be a Build A Bear Workshop post coming up soon. I had taken my grand daughter to the Hello Kitty Food Truck in Fresno. The lines ended up being over 5 hours long. After about an hour and a half, we decided to go inside the mall to get a prize.

Once she selected the two animals she wanted to make, it was time to select sounds to put inside. Next, she took her babies to the worker at the stuffing machine. The worker helped stuff the bears while she did the power pedal.

She named her Wild Style Leopard Pink. Pink has a roar sound effect and a Sugar Cookie Scent.

The second one she made was a Color Craze Lion named Rainbow Sparkles. Rainbow Sparkles sings the My Little Pony theme song and smells like Cotton Candy.

Before the staff sews the doll up, they have the child do a song and dance. They choose a heart, make a wish, and seal it with a kiss. The heart is then put in the doll.

The next step involved her giving her dolls a bath. Again pushing a foot pedal, the child brushes the doll while air blows on it.  Finally, the child scans the bears tag and creates a birth certificate. Now that my granddaughter is in Kindergarden and learning all her letters, she wanted to do the typing herself.

Earlier today, I was moping around. I have been battling a sore throat for about a week now. I also woke up with the blues today. Bart was wanting to know what he could do to cheer me up and I told him I wanted to go to Build A Bear Workshop.

He agreed to play along. We visited the Modesto location.

One of the book ideas I have played with for years involves a Panda. I was so excited to see a fluffy Panda. Bart also thought it was perfect for me. I named her Manda Panda. Because I had the blues, I put a trolls song, Get Back Up Again,  in it to cheer me up. I selected  the Sugar Cookie Scent.

Bart even asked if he could make one too! He choose a black bear with a Star Trek 50th Anniversary logo. He didn’t want any sounds, but he did agree to scent it. He loves strawberry. So Jean-Luc is Strawberry scented.

Did you know your bears are microchipped? just like your pets? The worker removes a piece off the tag and places it inside the bear for safe keeping.  If you join the find a bear program (it is optional and free) and someone  brings your bear in, the staff opens up the bear. They remove the piece from the bear. Scan the tag to find out where it belongs. They reseal the bear and then ship it back to its rightful owner.

I think that is beyond cool. How many times has your child lost that precious toy and been heartbroken?

The bear leaves the workshop in a cute box. The box looks like the box a cat comes home in when adopted from a shelter.

Build a Bear Workshop

Because I am an Oakland A’s fan, I decided Manda Panda needed to be ready for baseball season.

Build a Bear Workshop

Bart didn’t want clothes for his bear. I Thought I saw what color uniform he was looking at. I was thinking I was going to have to come back to pick it up, but then Bart asked if he could run to Bath and Body Works before the mall closed. YOU SURE CAN !!!

Build a Bear Workshop

Ummm yeah, so as I am writing this, Bart informs me that Jean-Luc wears red and I was demoting him. He would not let me put the Build a Bear Workshop     yellow outfit on his bear! LOL!!!!! He also argued if Jean-Luc ever used a Phaser. Google has photos showing it, but he states Jean-Luc would never resort to violence. Shesh… you would think he was 7.

Build a Bear Workshop

Now, that I am feeling a little better I am thinking I would like to share the joy. I am giving away $30 of Build A Bear Workshop Gift Cards. Scroll down to enter.

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