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Nothing Bundt Cake


Nothing Bundt Cake

Bart and I have been brand loyal to Nothing Bundt Cake for several years. We were introduced to them in Reno when someone took a cake into his place of employment.

nothing bundt cake

The cakes are to die for!

When we were up in Spokane/Coeur d’Alene we would drive to the far side of Spokane to pick one up.

A little over a year ago, we moved back to California. There wasn’t one in our town. WHAT???? We actually would drive to Stockton to pick up a cake. They are really that good!

nothing bundt cake

We would talk about how if we had the finances we would open one up because Modesto REALLY NEEDS one. Imagine our excitement a couple of months ago when we were driving and we saw a coming soon sign!!! We have been watching religiously for them to open. The night before last we noticed the lights were on inside. Their website still lists them as coming soon, so I am not sure the exact date they opened.

Besides the cakes, each of the stores is a little boutique where you can pick up a gift to give with the cake you are purchasing.


nothing bundt cake

My 5 year old grand daughter, who lives nearby, is starting Kindergarten this week. WHAT??? How????  Grandma decided to use the last weekend before she starts school to celebrate being a BIG KID now.

nothing bundt cake

I wanted to give Bart his favorite cake. White Chocolate Chip Raspberry. I also figured a cake would be great for my celebration day with my grand daughter.  When we went in, there was a tray of samples out. I had to basically bribe my grand daughter to even taste some chocolate – chocolate chip cake. Once she tried it, she loved it.

She decided she wanted a bundlet but she didn’t want frosting.  Now, that isn’t an easy task when the cakes are already made and in the case fully decorated. An older lady, I believe her name was Paula?, went in back to see if there were any without frosting ready. There was! As you can see from the photo above, my grand daughter was pleased.

The 5 year old reviewer states that it is the best cake she has ever had, it is amazing. Then she asked me if she could tell me the number. She said the cake is a 10!

This is coming from the little girl who 10 minutes before would not even try a sample.

She ate her little cake in the car as we went on our adventures for the day.

nothing bundt cake

I mentioned above that I had wanted a white chocolate raspberry cake because it is Bart’s favorite. The employees take the cakes out of the case, package them, etc. I did not know I got the wrong cake until I cut it open.

Now in all fairness the store is brand spanking new. The cashiers were being trained. The two cakes have very similar names.

nothing bundt cake

The cakes are absolutely fabulous! They are richest, moistest, freshest cake on the planet. The frosting is smooth and so wonderfully delicious. Nothing Bundt Cake says the frosting is a cream cheese and real butter frosting.

As you can see in the next photo, the frosting fills the center of the bundt and also has a unique petal pattern going down the sides.  They do offer a drizzle alternative for a a lighter touch.

nothing bundt cake

Nothing Bundt Cake has an e-mail list that is worth signing up for. You get a free bundtlet on your birthday. They will let you know what the special flavor of the month is and what the current promo is.

I have also followed them on social media. A few years back, I won a year of free bundlets (one a month) in a Father’s Day contest they ran on facebook.

The cakes come in several sizes

Bundtinis: Bite size and sold by the dozen

Bundlet: Serves 1 (really we can do 2 for both of us)

8 inch: Serves 8-10

10 inch: Serves 18-20

Not to mention the make towers of bundlets and tier cakes. Nothing Bundt Cake also has those finishing touches to turn it into a birthday cake, wedding cake, or any other occasion you might want a special cake for.


Have you tried Nothing Bundt Cake before?