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Kids Club

Kids Club Powered by National Geographic Kids

The Vintage Faire Mall Kids Club powered by National Geographic Kids is held on the third Thursday of each month from 3-5 pm. The kids club is hosted by DJ Walker from Kat Country 103. I want to emphasize this is a free monthly event.

kids club

This year the Stanislaus County Library is sponsoring story time. Kids Club is a fun and interactive learning experience.

kids club

This Saturday, November 5th, HGTV is hosting a special Breakfast with Santa for kids club members. *pssst you can sign up that morning*

kids club

I went to the October Kids Club with my granddaughter and her mom. When we first arrived we were greeted at a sign in table. It was neat to see the staff greet my grand daughter by name as we approached. It was like having a good friend come over. They knew her and they were glad to see her.

When you sign in, they give you some raffle tickets. At the end of the session, tickets are drawn for prizes.

kids club

On the day I went, the theme was The Book of Life.

kids club

The children started by coloring Halloween themed pictures.

kids clubkids club

The people putting on kids club really got into the theme.   kids club There was a time of physical activity to help the children get ready for the events that followed.kids club

Next, the staff from the Children’s Education Department of the Stanislaus County Library read two stories to the children about dia de los muertos.

kids club

There was dancing by young children.   kids club

The decorations where fun and whimsical.

kids club

Around this time, my grand daughter decided it was time for a break. We went upstairs. Of course she found a photo booth and HAD to take photos.

kids club

When we got back downstairs, the children were working on  dia de los muertos masks.

kids club kids club

After the raffle tickets were drawn and the prizes given out, all of the children were given a prize bag. There were various goodies and an art project. The project created the trinket box on the table at the top of the post.

My granddaughter attends almost every month. I am looking forward to going with her again in the future.