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when can a child watch 2 movies in a row

when can a child watch 2 movies in a row


You may be wondering at what age can a child sit still long enough to watch 2 movies at the theater in a row.

For my granddaughter it happened this past weekend. In her case the age is 6 1/2… in other words when they are becoming 7.

For months she has been going crazy about wanting to see the Emoji movie. When it first came out she was on vacation with her mom traveling the Pacific Northwest.

Then her moms family had a person have a major life change.

The Emoji movie has now  been out since July 28th.  You would think it would be gone by now, but it was still in theaters.

She has also been asking to see the Nut Job 2 for quite a while. The Nut Job 2 came out on August 11.

SO, the  day before we went to the movies, I asked her which one she wanted to see. She wanted the Emoji movie. I reluctantly agreed.

On Sunday morning, we went to the Brenden theaters in Modesto to see the Emoji movie. We grabbed hot dogs, Emoji Gummy candy  and Dr Pepper at the concession stands.

As we sat down, I asked her how many movies she thought she could watch in a day. She paused and then replied, I think maybe 2. I told her that after the Emoji movie I would check in with her again and see if she thought so.

The Emoji movie actually surprised me. It really could have been marketed in a different way then it was and possibly had more traction.

emoji movie

The commercials were basically kids with cellphones sending texts with Emoji’s. It was a lot different then I expected. One of the Emoji’s has a malfunction. The main program is trying to delete him.

He meets up with someone who takes him to the loser lounge where the unused Emoji’s live. While he is there, he learns about JailBreak, a hacker who might be able to save him.

Once he and one  of the other emoji’s find JailBreak, they have to get to the cloud so they can repair him. Getting to the cloud requires making it to the drop box and breaking the password to the firewall.

Along the way they have to travel through the apps on the phone’s wallpaper. They make stops in Dance Party and Candy Crush where they have to pass the game to get to the next app.  They get chased by virus’s, etc.


As they are trying to get into the cloud, the boy who owns the phone is at the store to have his phone wiped as it is malfunctioning. It is almost done being reset when he sees a text from a girl he likes and pulls the plug out of the phone which stopped it from being restored to factory settings.

The emoji’s make it to the cloud and save the phone and become the hero’s to all of the phone.

So really, instead of a love story with Emoji’s it could have been marketed as a user guide to your cell-phone. It might have got a lot of people to see it that might not understand their phones.

When the Emoji Movie ended, my granddaughter asked if we could still see a second movie. We called her mom to check in and her mom said sure!

There was about 10 minutes until the Nut Job 2 started, so I was rushing her. As we were heading to the theater, she said, what bout our snacks? So, we turned around and got a kids popcorn combo with sprite, another box of Emoji Gummy Candy,  and a Dr Pepper for me.

nut job 2

The Nut Job 2 was just what the trailers advertised a fast paced movie about squirrels trying to save the park from destruction by an evil investor.  Along the way they found help from Ninja Mice who were run out of their park to build a golf course.

I was really surprised when the movie ended, it seemed so fast.

Both movies have things in the credits and the Nut Job has an additional scene after all of the credits. So stay stay stay.

I asked my granddaughter which movie she liked best and she said both!