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I went and saw GHOSTBUSTERS in 3D on IMAX yesterday. WOW!  I had not planned to see it, Bart had worked 53 hours in the last 5 days and just wanted to sleep. I was bored and it was  105 degrees out. I ended up seeing THE BFG and then GHOSTBUSTERS out at the Galaxy Luxury Theater in Riverbank.

 The IMAX screens are so large that even sitting dead center in the top row, I could not fit the whole screen in an image.GhostBusters

At least 3 times in the movie I was severely startled. I jumped and my heart raced like it has never before.

The 3D was cool in that you had the old school where things pop out at you. You also had the newer 3D where things are in layers.


I chuckled when one of the scientist was called into her bosses office and shown a video of herself that went viral. They said it was posted on reddit. I wondered how much /u/kn0thing and /u/spez paid for that.

I also enjoyed seeing Bill Murray as a scientist who was trying to debunk the GHOSTBUSTERS. 

There were familiar themes like Slimer, I’aint afraid of no ghost, and who ya gonna call. The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man returned as a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float.

The GHOSTBUSTERS had to find a new place to work. They wanted to stay at the old fire station but it was to expensive. At the end of the movie they moved into their dream location.

I liked the story line and I actually laughed a lot. More then I expected. I found Kevin to the be most gorgeous yet inept receptionist.


The one thing I did not like was when they are fighting Rowan at the concert. Two of the GHOSTBUSTERS go crowd surfing. Patty is dropped on the ground. Patty immediately plays the race card. I realize that this movie was written and filmed and edited over the last few years. I just think we need to all move beyond skin color and learn to love people for being people. As long as the media keeps pointing out races, it is never going to end.


I may need to repeat myself. DO NOT LEAVE GHOSTBUSTERS until the house lights come up. There will be bits and pieces when they begin the credits. When they start the cast and crew list, you will see what looks like background video to entertain you. You will actually have the screen go black. Then it happens. The girls are back and there is a hint that a second movie could be in the works.

Like so many other times, Nearly everyone left before the very end of the movie. In this case, maybe 10 percent stayed which was impressive. However, the theater I was in was an IMAX 3D and we paid a premium to see it. I would hate to spend 18 bucks to walk in the door, just to miss the ending.