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The Becoming 7 Holiday Toy Guide

The Becoming 7 Holiday Toy Guide

Hey 7’s, Becoming 7 has created our ultimate Holiday Toy Guide! A few of the items are also current giveaways on our site. Many of the selections came from my grand daughter, who is 5 for a few more weeks. *pssst* there is an amazon giveaway at the end

For the 5-9 crowd there are a few things you can not go wrong with they include:

Pie Face Showdown

toy guide

Last year, the impossible game to find was Pie Face. Hasbro has upped the ante with Pie Face Showdown!  We have had a ton of fun playing Pie Face and Wet Head. In Pie Face Showdown! There are two face openings and you have no idea who is going to get Pie Faced.


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What can I say that you don’t already know? These are impossible to find. When you do find it, the price is 5 times the original retail or more. One lucky 7 is going to win a Hatchimals from yours truly. Click here to enter.

Lego Creator

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Lego is simply a classic toy. Kids love to create and use their imaginations. The Creator sets are elaborate projects. This one is a favorite for us because of the killer whale.

Furreal Friends Torch My Blazing Dragon

Honestly I didn’t know what Torch My Blazing Dragon was until I wrote this post. A few weeks ago, I had my grand daughter circle things in a catalog that she wanted for Christmas and/or her birthday. Torch was one of those items. Having seen all the fun things Torch does, I think this is a true winner.

Play-Doh Doctor Drill and Fill

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The Play-Doh  Doctor Drill and Fill gives children the chance to role play with Play-Doh and take control of what many of them fear, going to the dentist. My grand daughter has asked for this multiple times over the past year or so. It seems that the Play-Doh Doctor Drill and Fill is a toy little ones will really enjoy playing with.

Skip and Toss Musical Bettle

toy guide toy guide

We saw this in a local store and my grand daughter went crazy. I like that it is a 2 in 1 toy. I also like the fact the Skip and Toss Musical Bettle encourages children to play outside. The jumping feature will give your little one a good workout.

Fantasma Magic

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Kids love magic. They also love playing tricks on people. The Fantasma Magic kits teach children how to do basic magic tricks. Magic will unleash your child’s creativity.

Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

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Crazy Aaron is incredible! Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty is a non-toxic putty. It is great to play with and even better to relieve stress.

Some of the cool features various putties have include: Googly Eyes, Glow in the Dark, Ultraviolet, Heat Sensitive, lusterous, Sparkles, Memory Effect,  Stretchable, Bouncable, Sculptable, Magnetic, Crystal Clear, Tearable, and Popable. You will find special ones for holidays through out the year. There is even one featuring real gold.

My Fairy Garden

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Imagination at it’s finest. Your little one gets to create a home for their very own fairy. We have had a fairy door for about 6 months. When I see my grand daughter, she will sometimes ask if the fairy still comes to visit. Because of her life experiences, she still believes. It is nice to encourage them to embrace their childhood.

Garden Safari Vegetable Soup Cookbookgarden safari

I really like Garden Safari Vegetable Soup. It is a great book for ,young readers. There are large numbers, bright colors, foods, etc.  I like that it encourages a love of reading and makes the child feel like a successful reader regardless of their ability. By following the directions a young child could help cook dinner. (I received a copy to review and a copy to giveaway.)

We are giving away a copy HERE.

Code and Go Robot Mouse

robot mouse

STEM and STEAM are really big right now. I like that the cards show the child how to set up various routes. The child then uses small cards to chart the path they want the mouse to take. There are directional buttons on the top of the mouse to program the route.

The child believes they are learning. They are actually learning basic engineering, sequencing, planning, and coding skills. Those are skills that will be valuable when they get older. (I received a copy for us to review in a prior post)

Stop Motion Movie Creator Animation Studiotoy guide

Do you remember they days of watching stop motion cartoons? A lot of the classic Christmas movies were done via stop motion.  Santa Clause is coming to town is one example.

The Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator Animation Studio will teach your child how to make those movies. I think that is incredible in and of itself. The child uses a smart phone for a video camera. It requires your little one to use the creative part of their brains.

Project MC2 Circuit Beats

This is just tooo funny and tooo cool!!! Basically it is an electrical circuit kit hooked to an adapter and speaker or headphones.

By completing the circuits, little ones are able to make music on anything they desire.

Again your child will feel like they are playing when infact  they are doing STEM/STEAM learning with both circuits and music.

3D Doodler Start Essentials Pen Set

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I love that there are so many STEM/STEAM products on the shelf. With the 3D doodler, Your child is able to  bring  their regular art i3D  art.

Along with allowing hours of creativity, children are rewarded for their art as soon as they make it. Children  are able to turn simple drawings and turn them into objects.


toy guide

Finally, we have Squishables! They come in the standard size (showne above), Giant size, and micro size. One of the fun things about squishables is they let the fans select the future models.