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Minature Golf Day

One of my favorite memories as a kid was playing miniature golf. When my sister and I were not very good, our dad told us that the highest score won! What a way to make it fun Dad!

miniature golf

Miniature golf started as a women’s sport because it was unladylike to swing a golf club above her shoulder!

miniature golf

In 1916 the first CLASSIC miniature golf course opened in North Carolina.  By the 1930’s it had become a national pastime.

miniature golf

As a tween I remember watching Daniel take his date to play mini-golf in the movie the Karate Kid.

In the movie Happy Gilmore, it was mini-golf that taught him how to putt.

We have even watched miniature golf in our cartoons, like the Simpsons.

Miniature golf teaches us discipline, focus, and sportsmanship. We also develop a love for a game that takes us outdoors. Learning to keep score teaches us integrity and fairness.  Finally miniature golf teaches us we have to practice to get better at a skill and it takes a lot of persistence.

miniature golf

For me, miniature golf meant my family was going out to spend sometime together. We were going to laugh. I probably threw a few tantrums along the way. Ultimately it was a happy family bonding time.

Johns Incredible Pizza

Wednesday, September 21st is Miniature Golf Day! Stop by Funworks! to get one round of FREE Putt-Putt golf! Funworks also features 4 Pokestops and a Pokegym if you are a trainer. 

Funworks normally charges :

$8.00 Adult for 18 Holes

$6.50 Children 5-10 years with adult admission

$2.00 Children 4 and under with adult admission

miniature golf

Boomers offers Minature Golf for 100 Points or $10 – Ages 5 and Under Free with Paying Adult

Johns Incredible Pizza

John’s Incredible Pizza charges: Mandatory pizza buffet to enter then 10 tokens ($2.50) per player. The buffet price varies by age from $4.99 to $10.99 per person and drinks are an additional $1.99

Johns Incredible Pizza

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