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Kernel Seasons

Kernel Seasons

You know I was excited when I saw a box from Kernel Seasons and its in the middle of National Popcorn Poppin Month!

Kernel Seasons

Bart and I have been busy being grown ups lately which means there hasn’t been as much time to have fun. After a day where things just were not going how we wanted, I decided it would be a good time for popcorn and a movie.

Kernel Seasons

Did I mention it was 1 AM when I dragged out the air popper? I think half the fun of being a kid was staying up late watching movies.

We decided we were going to make the popcorn two different ways and compare how it came out.

The first way we popped corn was in the hot air popper. Pretty simple, right?

  • put the cover on
  • plug it in
  • let it warm up
  • put a cap of popcorn into the warmer
  • put the cap on the cover to close the opening
  • let the popcorn popper spit it out

Kernel Seasons

With this batch we used Kernel Seasons Popping Corn with the Kernel Seasons Butter Spritzer and the Kernel Seasons Butter Flavoring.

The Butter Spritzer claims it not only adds flavor to the popcorn, but it also helps the seasons adhere to the popcorn. We tasted the plain pop corn. It was okay. Bart Spritzed the popcorn and it was better. We added the butter seasoning and it added even more flavor, and the seasons did adhere to the popcorn!

I gave Bart grief for picking a plain flavor. I honestly thought he would pick the garlic and parmesan one. He is a huge garlic lover.

The flavors they sent are: butter, caramel corn, kettle corn, white cheddar, nacho cheddar, bacon cheddar, garlic and parmesan, and ranch.

Next up was the stove top method.

Kernel Seasons

This time we used Kernel Seasons Movie Theater Butter Oil Blend. The instructions said to use 1-3 Tablespoons of oil. I used about 2 Tablespoons.Kernel Seasons

The next step was to add 3-4 kernels. Again, we used the Kernel Seasons Popping Corn. 

Kernel Seasons

You cover the pot with a lid. Once the first kernel pops, you add 1/2  cup of popcorn kernels.

Kernel Seasons

As you can see, it popped really nicely.   Bart did such a good job that nothing burned to the pan! We tasted it before adding a seasoning. It really does taste like at the movies.  (my local theater has signs up that they use Kernel Seasons)
Kernel Seasons

For this batch, Bart wanted to use the Nacho Cheese. I told him we had to be more adventurous. He gave me a bad time about being a picky eater and then told me to pick a flavor. I choose the Bacon Cheddar.

We have been reminiscing about jiffy pop with the foil dome that rose up, rainbow popcorn, popcorn balls, stringing popcorn, and even the Corn Palace in South Dakota.

I am going to say we both really enjoyed our popcorn tonight. Even one of the dogs was begging for popcorn. I am truly looking forward to trying more flavors with friends and family on movie nights.

kernel seasons