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Happy Mother’s Day



Happy Mother's Day

Mom, Mama, Mother, Mum, Mommy, Momma, Mimi the list of names can go on and on, but there is one common thing among them. We all have at least one.

She is that role model who traditionally taught us care giving skills, how to love someone, and so much more.

Mother's Day baby, mom, grandmother
My daughter, Myself, and My mother in 1989 at the Battlefield in Shiloh Tn

She was the person we went to with all our hurts and boo boo’s to have her kiss them and make them better.

 mother's day mom and daughter

She may have been our twin. Like my daughter and I.

mother's day mom and daughter

mother's day mother and daughter

mother's day mom and daughter

mother's day mom and daguhter

Maybe even Grandma is a twin to the mother and grand child like in my family.

mother's day grandma and grandhcild

mother's day grandma and grandchild


Our Mother’s teach us about love and what it means to be a family. She even makes us behave for group photos.

mother's day mom and children

mother's day mom and daughtersmother's day mom and daughters

My mother taught us we could be anything we wanted. That we could follow our dreams regardless of our age. She went back to school when I was in high school and became a Nurse.

mother's day mom

She taught us how to wear make up that complimented us instead of making us look like circus acts. She showed us that we could dress up when we needed to, but wear comfy clothes whenever we wanted to.

mother's day 4 generations

I grew up in a military family and until I was about 10, my dad was frequently out at sea. So for many years, my mom was like a single mom. She did it all.

There did come a time that I was able to help my mom after she had a stroke. She is doing better now days.

This post is to all the mom’s out there

Single Mom’s

Married Mom’s


Adopted Mom’s

Foster Mom’s

Grieving Mom’s


and any Mother’s I have forgotten