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The Joy of Giving

 The Joy of Giving

The holidays are a time of year that almost all of us can find the joys of childhood. As a small child I remember the excitement I felt as Christmas got closer and closer.

I would go in circles about what I “HAD” to have for Christmas that year. In hindsight, it probably never mattered what I was getting. It was all about the anticipation of something magical.  I had childlike faith that no matter what was wrapped up, it would be the prefect something for me.

Most of all it told me I was special, that I was loved, and I was worthy.

What I didn’t understand at such a young age, was that the true joy is in the giving. Finding the perfect surprise to make a little one smile.

As I have aged, I have discovered that a gift doesn’t signify how much someone loves me, if I am worthy, or loved.

The reality is a gift can’t be earned. Nothing you or I can do makes us deserve a gift of any magnitude. A gift is an expression of the giver and what they have to give.  I don’t mean that from a monetary stand point. A gift comes from the heart of the giver. That is why it is the joy of giving.

With the help of Oriental Trading Company, I was able to bless children in my community.  I was able to fill up their cute little puppy and kitten bags with  Christmas candystocking stuffers and toys featured in the Nordic Noel line.

The bags included candy, holiday rubber duckies, bouncy balls, stamps, stickers, tattoo’s, yo-yo’s, erasers, punch balls, rulers, notepads, kazoos, gingerbread ornament kits, tops, etc.

To make things interesting, I decided to hide them for children to find.

Our community has a project called Modesto Rocks. People paint and hide rocks and other people, often children go out to find them. I felt by hiding them like the painted rocks they would be a complete surprise.

I also left a few at our local giving trees. The town I live in has 3 giving trees. They are trees with clothes pins on them and a sign that says the giving tree. People leave items they no longer need. When someone passes by and they see something they need, they are free to take what the tree has to offer them.


How are you celebrating the Joy of Giving?