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Introducing Bebita

Introducing Bebita

You might recall a post on January 9th asking for your help. We were given a dog rescued from train tracks and we needed your help to name her.


Bart had gone over to his sister’s house to help her with something one night. When he got there, he saw two new to her dogs. She asked him if we could foster one of them for a few days. He wasn’t really agreeable because we co-habitate with others who already have pets. His sister took it upon herself to call the homeowners and discuss Bebita.

When he walked in the door, the female homeowner made the statement that Michelle has been wanting a dog for years. It was at that moment I knew we weren’t fostering her, she was ours.


We are told someone saw Bebita and a small male dog get dumped near the train station and train tracks. They were picked up by Bart’s Sister. She found a family for the boy dog who appeared to be a chihuahua maltese mix. I am guessing they thought so because it had a smoother coat then Bebita.

The internet has spoken. While there were no responses on the blog, we had suggestions via Facebook and Twitter. There were some cute suggestions: Biscuit, Bebita, Chloe, Honey, Trixie, Cookie, Sally, and Gordita.

We did a little research and found that Bebita is Spanish for baby girl. Bebita appears to be a chihuahua and wire hair terrier mix. Bebita was so appropriate that we decided to use it.

A few days later we went to Petco to get a few supplies. The family we co-habitate with has 2 dogs and 3 cats, so food and things like that were taken care of. We picked up a black Life Stages Kennel, a Good to Go pink sparkling collar, a Good to Go pink leash, a Fido pink bone name tag, a Pets on Safari So Phresh Safari fabric Bag Dispenser and Refill Roll,  a Leaps and Bound small blue tug rope, a small green Leaps and Bounds latex emoticon ball dog ball, a leaps and Bounds sherpa piggy toy, a pigs ear, a Redbarn small cheese and bacon filled bone dog chew, and a box of mini Milk Bones.


We placed a fuzzy blanket in the bottom tray of the cage. It was a blanket off our bed so it would have our scents on it for her. We leave the door open and she goes in it on her own. When we need her to not be underfoot, we put her in the cage and she does really well.

Initially I was discouraged because she wouldn’t play with her toys. I ended up googling why won’t my dog play. I read a few articles and learned it is more about I am not playing with my dog how she plays. After I figured out how to do bowing play with her, she became more responsive.

I have been able to get her to chase her ball. She doesn’t bring it back yet. She has learned to make it squeak by pressing it with her paw. I have also gotten her to begin pawing at her toy pig. It is flat and has something inside it to make a crinkling sound. We just discovered the squeaker and it has made a difference for her. We have yet come to terms with the tug rope. It might become a toy she likes or it might not. Regardless, she is showing signs of learning how to play.


The first time we took her for a walk it was more like pulling her on her leash. The very next day she decided to walk side by side with us. I think she is really smart.


I also picked up a bottle of Well and Good Deep Moisturizing Shampoo for Dogs. It is a Vanilla Butter Cream scent. The bottle states it renews dry, brittle coats, improves coat texture, shine and manageability. I am thinking this will help with the coarseness of her coat. I was planning to try it out today after her shots, but as you read below I will have to wait another week before I get to try it. Of course we got a Well and Good Black Combo Pin and Bristle  Brush as well.

After a few days, she decided to eat her pigs ear. We do struggle with the milk bones. I give her one every night. I feel it is important as it is full of nutrients she needs.  So I make her eat one a night, I am hoping she will eventually stop arguing with me about it.

When we were leaving, I saw a sign in the window for a vaccination clinic on January 20th. So today, I woke up at what I consider the butt crack of dawn to be a responsible pet owner.

Bebita is 8.0 pounds. Based on her teeth and small amount of tarter (assuming her teeth have never been cleaned as she was dumped and did not have  a chip) she is at least 1 year old but most likely under 2. So we gave her the birthday of January 1, 2016.

Today she had her dewormer, a microchip, DHP Parvo Vaccine, Bordetella Vaccine, and Pyrantel Pamoate.  When we had been to Petco the other day, the cashier signed us up for a Petco card and gave us a Welcome to the Family coupon book. Inside it was a coupon for the Microchip.


The first two items were given orally. The first one went down fast. The second one she didn’t really want. The shot she did well on. She only cried when being chipped.

Prior to being chipped, the veterinarian scanned her to make sure she didn’t have a chip already. I was instructed she is not to have a bath for at least a week so her scab can heal. Bebita bled a little. The Vet-Tech was so compassionate. She got a bottle and applied a liquid to the area and then held a tissue over the spot to stop the bleeding.

I should add the veterinarian was very kind and soft spoken.


I was advised to return on February 18th for boosters of her vaccinations. We were also told because of her size, it is best to do the rabies after the other vaccinations.

Today, I picked up another pigs ear, and a bag of bacon and cheese Beggin Strips, and a Poppy Hat from Trolls. I was talking to Bebita about seeing if she liked the Beggin Strips. The cashier heard me talking to her and told me that they offer a 6 month satisfaction guarantee so to keep my receipt. I am thinking if Bebita won’t eat them, the other house pets will.


When we got home, she did exactly what the vet said she would do….. sleep.

We are 12 days in, Bebita has people and is fitting in with her family nicely.