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First Day of School

First Day of School

From the moment we find  out a new bundle of joy is joining the family on, we are envisioning all the firsts. This week my grand daughter had a major first. Her first day of school!


The photo above is the very first photo taken of my grand daughter. I was the first person to hold her outside of the O.R. when she was born. It is amazing how fast time flies.


The past week, I talked about taking my grand daughter out to celebrate becoming a big kid and buying some shoes for school.

In the past few weeks, she went back to school clothes shopping with her mom and auntie.  She got a backpack, a pencil case, a lunch box with thermos, school supplies, shoes and more. The photo above is from when they went shopping while the boys went to a Giants game.

Friends and relatives all over the country also bought and gave or mailed her new clothes.

She now knows the joy of getting all sorts of new clothes for school! Yeah for shopping!

or school

A week before school started, she went to Kindergarten Orientation. She got to see her school, meet her teacher, and get a school supply list.  I don’t remember doing that as a kid.


I’ve been told she woke up at 5 am on the first day of school. I remember as a kid not being able to sleep the night before from the excitement.

She began her day with putting on a new outfit and taking the classic first day of school photos. Alone, with mom, and with the boys.


Her mom got to stay for a few minutes when school started to get her settled in. She was more worried about how much fun she was going to have going to school then where mom was.


On the second day of school, she was even more excited.  She is a complete ham and always wants her picture taken.


On the third day of school she was still smiling.

I don’t remember school ever starting this early in August.

When I think back to my childhood, I had more first days of school then most kids. My dad was in the military. That meant we had the traditional first day of school. Most years we also had the relocation first day at a new school.

I remember wondering who will my teacher be? Would I be friends with anyone?  Will I have fun? What will we have for lunch? Will my clothes be cool? What if I am not the smartest? fastest?

Funny thing is most of my fears never happened.

Tomorrow is her gymnastics mini Olympics! I will be giving her that doll I picked up at the Vegas Toy Shack afterwards. Make sure you check back in the next few days.