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Animal Crackers

Part of being a kid and finding joy is celebrating random things for no reason at all. Just because it feels good. Today is Animal Crackers Birthday!!! So, bring out the party hats, cookies, and milk.


When I think back to my childhood and Animal Crackers, I can’t imagine that there is anyone who didn’t eat them as a child. The box was bright and colorful and had animals on it. And there was that cute white string we all carried them with.

I am pretty sure that I played with my animals a lot more then anyone else I knew. First I had to find out what animals I had. If there were doubles they had to be stacked on top of each other.  Then I would try to make them stand upright. They didn’t balance well, so I needed to prop them up going around the box.

My animal crackers would walk with my assistance. I could be entertained for hours, talking to them, and just having fun!


But, then it would happen. I would bite the head off of one. UT OH. Once one had a bite taken out of one, I could not be stopped. They had to be dunked into my milk and devoured mercilessly.

Here is some fun info about Animal Crackers

In the 1600 Germany made cookies in the form of beasts.

Animal Crackers became popular in Victorian England.

British Biscuit called Animals were brought to the US in the 1871 by Stauffers  in York, PA.

1876 Animal Crackers were sold at the world’s fair.

1902 NABISCO created Barnum Animal Crackers.

Barnum Animal Crackers were named after the Barnum Bailey Circus. While they  have been very successful, Barnum was never compensated for the name.

Barnum Animal Crackers were packaged in a train car box for marketing in red, green, blue (holiday) or yellow. Each color box featured different animals.

The String handle was placed on the box to hang them on Christmas trees during a time that hanging cookies on the tree was common. The handle was left on the box for ease of carrying.

The cookies  have appeared in books, tv, movies, songs, and poems.

There have been 54 animals featured over the years by various companies. 37 of them have be in the Barnum boxes.

Each box of Barnum Animal Crackers contains 22 crackers, 19 different animals including 2 bears.

In 1914 Mother’s Cookies (part of Kelloggs) began making circus animals.

In 1948 animals began having details instead of just the basic cutout

Today, we have also teddy grahams, goldfish, and more.