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Blind Bag Challenge

Blind Bag Challenge

Every once in awhile you hear about different challenges people come up with. Being that we are Becoming 7, we can’t do the every lottery scratcher in the machine challenge. ¬†It is winter so we ruled out a lot of outdoor challenges. After a lot of thought and consideration, we realized how much we love doing box opening videos. During the holidays, I kept seeing blind bags everywhere. WE decided a blind bag challenge was in order.

We found some bags were easy to open and some a 6 year old could not open. We had a couple of duplicate bags and found sometimes they had the same toy and sometimes they didn’t.

It looks like some of our blind bag videos got mixed up so, I am putting titles above them to help you out.

You can watch our fun below!

GhostBusters Blind Bag

Minions Blind Box

Finding Dory Chocolate Egg with surprise toy

Doc McStuffins Blind Bag

Twozies Blind Box

Mickey Mouse Blind Bag

Trolls Blind Bag

Petkins Blind Box

Lion Gaurds Blind Bag

Geoworld Dr Steve Hunters Jurassic Egg Excavation Kit

We ended up setting this one aside and taking it outside. We slammed it on the sidewalk a few times to reveal our dinosaur.

Tsum Tsum Alice in Wonderland Blind Bag

Five Nights at Freddy’s Blind Bag

Puppy in My Pocket Blind Bag

Littlest Pet Shop Blind Bag

Monster High Blind Bag

Finding Dory Blind Bag

Minecraft Blind Box

Kity in My Pocket Blind Bag

Sofia the First Blind Bag

Hot Wheels Blind Bag

Thomas and Friends Blind Bag

Marvel Tsum Tsum Blind Bag

Minecraft Blind Bag

Lego Blind Bag

Imaginext Blind Bag